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  1. B

    Zombies Are Not Spawning in SP?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone could help me out here. I used the Decimation mod in a private server so I could configure loot spawning etc but there appears to be no zombies spawning around? Any idea on how to solve this?
  2. Agwilhelm03

    Plate Carriers

    believe that plate carriers should become a vest, not a backpack. And that some new items should be added to accompany them. There should be a slot in the Plate carrier where you can put a "plate" hard and soft armor. Ceramic, Steel, Polyethylene, and Kevlar pieces, and a rating system that goes...
  3. VeteranPug

    NPC Factions

    I believe that we should have the factions of Hero's and Bandit's added to the whole scheme of decimation because of how we can provide more incite to how we the people of this game should be able to play it how they want it, you wanna be a hero and save others in the wastelands you can be like...
  4. ScottehBoeh

    Official Decimation Rules

    In-Game Rules: 1. Do not Hack! (Vision Hacks & Movement Hacks) : 14 Days Ban 2. No Mic Spamming is Allowed!: 1 Warning > 1 Hour Ban > 1 Day Ban 3. Don't Spam in Chat!: 1 Warning > 1 Hour Ban > 1 Day Ban 4. Do not use Major Offensive Language (Including Racism) : Warning > 6 Hours Mute > 1 Hour...
  5. J

    Decimation Anticheat?

    Good evening, I downloaded Decimation a while ago and tried to enter into a server "New York City", and it said that an anticheat was detected? The only mods I have in my Mods folder are Decimation, DecimationVoiceChat, and OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_U_E3. Please help! Thank you
  6. ScottehBoeh

    Decimation - All Alpha Updates

    Version 0.43a - Added IMI Desert Eagle - Fixed 357 Ammunition Bullet Model - Fixed MOTD Server Screen ---------------------------------------- Version 0.42a - Added Uzi - Added Spas12 - Added Server MOTD's ---------------------------------------- Version 0.41a_fix - Fixed visual issues (seeing...
  7. VeteranPug

    Clan lieutenants/Allies

    Clan Lieutenants: Clans are a huge thing in decimation because it's a group that survives unites together to fight the grueling zombies and other players that roam the city of New York, but what happens when the leader isn't on? Traitors start to form there own clans when new members aren't...
  8. RebelProudGaming


    Suggestions Decorations/Props- Add more debris to the surroundings and in houses, such as paper, maybe dead body's, and blood. Items/Weapons- Machete, Bat, Bat With Nail, basically every day items. Maybe even the M9, 20 gage (shotgun) ect. Environment- Add more of a dynamic environment...