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Another Tottaly Origanal Suggestions Tread!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Finesed, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Finesed

    Finesed New Member

    Territory: To make bases with clans.
    Rent or Plots: You need some sort of home to store stuff in.
    Pv/Vaults: For storage.
    Guns more rare
    Food less rare
    More cars
    Skills? That use your firearm skill level and such
    A bank or being able to withdraw your money into physical caps.

    There really is no progression at all which means there is nothing to do when no one is on.
    Item banker is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to small to actually do anything for a long term player.
    Spawn is confusing sometimes and for a new player is a nightmare. (Both Maps)
    Thirst and Infection.
    Cars not being a thing.

    I honestly thought Minecov and Deci 1.0 was sooooo much better then this. The guns are better the 3D models are great and animations are good, but the map is remade and not any better, and theres less vehicles and its more polished. It may sound like being polished is better and it is if you polished up the amount of stuff you had on Minecov but you basicly downgraded the amount of things to use and do. There was more storage and guns, and vehicles and fun on minecov.

    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
  2. JackHatesPeanuts

    JackHatesPeanuts New Member

    Totally agree to your criticism and comments section of your post, thats something that has always bothered me while playing the new modpack, its true models and everything are so much better, but now it is soooo limited, and yes, singleplayer is the most boring thing ever. And singleplayer is all I can do because the servers always have giant pings. This makes it very hard to have a real fun time in the modpack.
  3. Finesed

    Finesed New Member

    Singleplayer is shit. And even on the server half of the time it feels like its singleplayer, they got rid of everything that was good on minecov and I can't even tell when people die because theres no kill indicators or feed. I don't hate the modpack I donated the highest amount because I believe it can be good again but It seems like its just going in the wrong direction.

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