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Decimation Beta | Bugs & Glitches

Discussion in 'Beta Bugs/Glitches Reports' started by Zsa, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Zsa

    Zsa Staff

    Decimation Beta | Bugs & Glitches
    19th November 2017 | v0.9b

    These are the current Decimation Beta bugs that have been discovered and not yet squashed! Some of the bugs and glitches listed will have lots of information about them such as how they work and how game breaking it is. Some of them will not have as much information due to not knowing, but I am trying my best to find out as much as possible about any glitches.

    Shift Sprinting
    Type: Visual Glitch
    Description: People are accusing others of "Shift sprinting", this is where a player appears to shifting (Which makes you slow) and running at the same time. People are accusing of "hacks" and "cheating" however later investigation proves it to be lo less than a visual glitch.
    Affect: The glitch does not give the player an unfair advantage in any way however it may cause a bit of confusion and worry.
    How it Works: I am not sure how to recreate this glitch and by talking to others I haven't gained any other information on how this glitch works.
  2. Zsa

    Zsa Staff

    Infected Marine Armor
    Type: Visual Glitch
    The armor on a Infected Marines have a small visual glitch in the fact they they appear to have 2 sets of boots, however the second pair appear almost 2 meters below the first pair.
    Affect: The glitch does not have any affect on players.
  3. Zsa

    Zsa Staff

    Bank Time
    Type: Money Glitch
    Description: The bank should work by buying "Days" to store items however the amount of days you have does not change at all. Players can buy as many days as they wish however it will not go down.
    Affect: The glitch could cause players to spend a lot of money for no reason.
  4. Zsa

    Zsa Staff

    Item Duping
    Type: Item Glitch
    Description: Items are able to be duplicated over and over meaning infinite gear can be created with little effort
    Affect: Huge affect, could break the servers economy.
    How it Works: I am not sure how this glitch works, I have just heard about it from Thyrdon.

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