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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nlgamer, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Nlgamer

    Nlgamer New Member

    I,m playing Online and offline but there a huge differents between those 2
    i,m willing to play with my friends offline but there's no Trader spawn or something Is that Coming?
    + Whats up with the chests in single player or the loot chest medical enz? you can't open it?
    + there's no dog spawn either and if you tame one it won't follow you even you whisle thats in singleplayer and online
    And the zombie spawn in singleplayer is to low and it woudt be nice if the mod included buildings like in normal minecraft villages but
    than only from the modpack itself like the city new york or bfurk or something with a trader and stuff
  2. Wfox7

    Wfox7 New Member

    yea,its very annoying when you play in single,because you cant loot :/ You can spawn traders with /summon command,just type "trader" and TAB it.

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