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Suggestion(s): Market, ranks and more

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Geia, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Geia

    Geia New Member

    Hey, my name is Geia. I recently joined Decimation and I have really gotten attached to the server so far.

    I have a few suggestions which sounds like this, (mostly for the Official New York server):

    - Add a player operated market/auction house where players may sell or buy their guns, gear and miscellaneous.

    - Add a trade plugin allowing people to safely trade with each other. (Money for item, item for item, item for money)

    - Add ranks. Ranking up unlocks kits and perks. Example of a rank and kit: "Novice" rank, kit: 1x Rag, 3x Canned Apples

    - Supply Drops: Longer timer, far better loot (we're talking a tier above Military Gear - Juggernaut maybe?) - Make it as the supply crate can't be dropped on places where it is unavailable to normal players. Many times I see supply drops land far outside of the map or sometimes they are simply unreachable.

    - Add a way to heal yourself. Med Kits in Medical Crates - maybe painkillers?

    - Basebuilding? - Blocks - storage? (Currently not needed due to close to infinite bank space with Huge Backpacks)

    - Make military loot harder to come buy. Don't add tanks and military vehicles on every second road, add them at specific places that are supposed to be military spots and thereby hotspots for PvP. High Risk - High Reward.

    - Rework or remove the underground subway.

    - Make an information board in spawn with basics - how to cure infection, how to fix a broken leg, how to stop bleeding, how to refill water cans/bottles, how to clean dirty rags/bandages and so on - all the stuff that newer players might find confusing and overwhelming.

    - Add Gun Statistics - either online, somewhere in spawn, on the guns (descriptions, tier, maybe damage, recoil, mobility and so on.

    Feel free to post feedback.
    Best Regards
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  2. DeadlyFirex

    DeadlyFirex New Member

    Hi Geia!
    Nice ideas you got there! I agree with most suggestions, although some things are already a bit discussed, anyway, awesome list and hope to see you on Deci!
  3. Geia

    Geia New Member

    - Add names to towns/places on the two live maps to make it easier to navigate. "/msg Geia meet me at xxxxx in 5 min!"

    - Add a way to check other clans and their members - maybe turfs? - /clan info clan name.

    - Allow players to use /ignore
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2018

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