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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Asais10, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Asais10

    Asais10 New Member

    Molotov cocktail: summons an field of fire
    Infected Attack Traders (can be disabled in config) (these traders will defend themselves: gun ,heavy gun) others will run away
    c4 explosives and detonator(can be remotely detonated)
    Armed Zombies: With riot shields, chainsaws etc (but with no guns)
    Crawler Zombies
    Bandits (Will kill players and zombies) (Usually wear the bandit set and are armed with guns or melee)
    Wrecked Civilian Cars look more like wrecked
    Dual wielding pistols
    More destroyed vehicle props like: Fire Truck, Police car, Swat Bus, Crashed military helicopter, Crashed News truck and helicopter (mc news)
    More melee weapons
    More lockpick-openable doors
    Radioactive Zombies (mostly appear around radioactive zones)
    Suicider Zombies. They hold the suicide vest detonator and wear the suicide vest and will run at you and explode (also a 25% change that they would explode on death, can be disabled in config)
    Kick back zombies and melee bandits
  2. Asais10

    Asais10 New Member

    oops *the suicider zombies have a 25% change to explode on death , if you kill them before they explode
  3. ScottehBoeh

    ScottehBoeh Developer Staff Member

    These are some pretty solid ideas! I'll see what I can do :)
  4. Asais10

    Asais10 New Member

    another thing
    AI Human
    are neutral against you or run away when you hit him (if unarmed)
    sometimes you can trade with them, sometimes can't
    kill zombies and bandits or if unarmed run away
    search for supplies (open chests and trunks)
    spawn randomly around the map
    i want this because the only AI human is the trader
    which stays in one place always and doesn't do anything
    Other stuff:
    More drivable vehicles like Civilian Car, Military Truck etc
    You can add metal armor to the vehicles
    Weapon Skins (not for all, but for some)

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