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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deathly, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Deathly

    Deathly New Member

    Hello guys,

    just some ideas that could get added:

    -M4A1 (btw Scott u promised me to add that gun on discord)
    -Barret .50 Cal.
    -FN Fiveseven
    -FN P90
    -Grenade Launcher
    -some HMGs/LMGs

    -ACOG sight
    -Halo sight
    -Holo sight
    -Buttstock (for decreasing recoil)
    -Grenade Launcher attached at the Gun
    -Tactical Laser
    -Tactical Flashlight

    -Black Hawk
    -Apache Helicopter (with Hellfire Rockets and heat-seeking missile)
    -Military Trooper Transporter
    -Military Battledrone (direct it with remote control)
    -Civilian Cars

    And a nice feature would be if you add Territories which can be bought to build a clan base on it!
  2. Insanity_Gaming

    Insanity_Gaming New Member

  3. VeteranPug

    VeteranPug New Member

    This seems legit but another thing get rid of the attack drone idea this isn't MW2 this is decimation.
  4. Deathly

    Deathly New Member

    This was just an idea with the drone xD
  5. DeadlyFirex

    DeadlyFirex New Member

    Hi Deathly,
    Like your ideas! I am personally a lover of the SCAR's, and love Barrett's, The sights are good ideas too! I would add this to Scott, more police crates, and more weapon loot in crates, but awesome list!

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