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The SVD Dragunov bug

Discussion in 'Beta Bugs/Glitches Reports' started by Asais10, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Asais10

    Asais10 New Member

    When i try to zoom with the SVD Dragunov, the rifle and the player's hands vanish. It happens on singleplayer (i never got the SVD Dragunov on any server, so i don't know if it happens on servers too) however, on third person everything looks fine.
    Please fix this.
  2. ScottehBoeh

    ScottehBoeh Developer Staff Member

    Ah! Sorry about this. The Dragunov originally used a prototype scope that we had made. However we've forgotten to add the new scope mechanics to the old snipers (including the Dragunov). I'll try to get this issue fixed asap :)
  3. Asais10

    Asais10 New Member

    (In 29b this is now fixed, thank you!)

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