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Topic:Snipers in-game

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VeteranPug, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. VeteranPug

    VeteranPug New Member

    I think snipers should be in the game because they could be used by everyone, right now you could only access them in single-player which doesn't really do anything to benefit the game. So the snipers we have right now like the L115a3 (AWM) and the Snaiperskaya Vintoka (SV98) should only be found in supply drops and have a 25% drop rate so it's by chance you get one of these things. Pros and normal players can benefit from this, another idea is that snipers like a mosin nagant 91/30 and the Kar98k could be found in the normal drops once they're in the game to balance the gameplay between players like the normal and pro's that play the game.

    Supply drops:
    -L115A3 (AWM)
    -Snaiperskaya Vintoka (SV98)

    Military Crates:
    -Mosin Nagant 91/30

  2. Nlgamer

    Nlgamer New Member

    Yeah that woudt be nice!
  3. ScottehBoeh

    ScottehBoeh Developer Staff Member

    Good point :) I'll get the current snipers added now to military crates. Then once we've updated and added more snipers, I'll move them to Supply Drops! :)
  4. VeteranPug

    VeteranPug New Member

    Thank you sir!
    ScottehBoeh likes this.
  5. Asais10

    Asais10 New Member

    thing: please don't add them to military crates because both mosin-nagant and kar98k are World War Two weapons...
    It would be awkward if nowadays military would use ww2 weapons
    Only weapon which was in WW2 i would understand if military used is Automat Kalashnikov 47 (AK-47)
    I'm not russian i just know the full name of AK
  6. VeteranPug

    VeteranPug New Member

    He already did already, another fact this modpack is based on DayZ/Arma so it would make sense to add both, and why not add them because these weapons we're in games that didn't involve ww2 in anyway for example PUBG,DayZ,etc. We're not saying to add them to military crates but it would be good for civilians or normal players to use to even things out around the player base.

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