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Dear Community,

I want to suggest some nice ideas which i have thought over, that should probably get added to make Decimation more realistic and increase the fun factor.

Lets begin with the

1) Humvee: 5 Seater, mounted .50 Cal MG (my favorite Vehicle for the ground), add trunk storage, so its getting possible to make a mobile base or supporting a clan with supplies
2) AH-64D „Apache Longbow“: 2 Seater, AGM Hellfires, Hydra 70 and maybe some MG's, make it so that the Pilot is able to fire Missiles and MG's
3) Civilian cars
4) Trucks/Military Transporter for Troops or Supplies
5) Blackhawk: would be nice to see a Minigun at each side

...and more other vehicles u guys want to see which i didnt mention cuz i dont know their name xD


1) Barrett .50 Cal
2) FN Scar
3) FN Fiveseven (Scott u promised me :P, still got the screen of the promise)
4) M40A3
5) SSG 08
6) Steyr AUG
7) USP
8) Famas
9) FN P90 - for the spray and pray players
10) Grenade Launchet
11) Stinger

...and other guns aswell which i didnt mention!

U should make it so that not every helicopter got a functional radar, so u have to build one or buy it. It would be cool if there is a Pilot helmet which is connected with the radar, means instead of looking on a screen in the heli u got a small radar map in ur left corner for example and players are getting surrounded by red lines (enemies) or green lines (clan members) if u see them on contact.

I would like to see that u can heal ur teammates or other players with Medkit, Bandage...